TSPLOST Project EP-181 Washington Road @ Camp Creek Parkway Intersection Improvements


This project is currently in right-of-way acquisition.

This project will make intersection improvements to the intersection of Washington Road and Camp Creek Parkway.  This will be a part of a larger two-phase project.

Phase 1 will include the Ale Circle realignment, North Desert Drive extension east of Ale Circle and intersection improvements of Washington Road and Camp Creek Parkway.

Phase 2 construction will include North Desert Drive west of Ale Circle including the roundabout and its connection with Camp Creek Parkway. Collectively these improvements are referred to as the Ale Circle Realignment and North Desert Drive Extension.

The contract was awarded to Lowe Engineers, LLC.  For more information on this project please contact Cadell Hall, Transportation Division Manager, at (404) 669-4321 or chall@eastpointcity.org


Purpose/Project: Tier 1 Operations and Safety Project

Department Public Works
Budget $200,000.00
Funding Source TSPLOST
Spent $115,436.53
Estimated Start Date Early 2022
Estimated Completion Date TBD
Project Manager Cadell Hall and Jeremy Goodwin



3750 Washington Road 

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