TSPLOST Project EP-179 Delowe Drive Sidewalks


Phase II was completed July 2019.  Currently in Phase III Final Design .

This project is the second phase of a multi-phase project which will ultimately extend between the East Point City Limits to Kimmeridge Drive along Headland Drive (EP-178) and Between Washington Road and SR 166 along Delowe Drive (EP-179). Crosswalks will also be install where intersections are improved.  This combined project is referred to as EP-003 Headland and Delowe Sidewalks.

Scope of Work includes installing new sidewalks, crosswalks, and ramps along Delowe Drive between Washington Road and Dorsey Avenue.

The contract was awarded to DAF Concrete, Inc . For more information on this project please contact Cadell Hall, Transportation Division Manager, at (404) 669-4321 or chall@eastpointcity.org


Purpose/Project: Tier 1 Maintenance and Safety Enhancements

Department Public Works
Budget $2,556,610.00
Funding Source TSPLOST
Spent $1,454,328
Estimated Start Date Summer 2020
Estimated Completion Date TBD
Project Manager Cadell Hall



3055 Delowe Drive 

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