Downtown East Point Multimodal Improvements (LCI) – PI 0012638


Project Currently is let for Construction.  The awarded contractor is DAF Concrete, LLC

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The purpose of the Downtown East Point Multimodal Improvements project is to find and implement multi-modal connectivity features, enhance the pedestrian experience, and reduce vehicular speeds in downtown East Point, GA. The design features are proposed to meet these objectives: curb extensions, shifting the street left and right so driers can slow down and the pedestrian experience can be improved, and narrowing the Main Street by using curb extensions that narrow the distance for pedestrians to cross and access the MARTA station. The need for streetscaping, gateway features, placemaking, traffic calming, and multi-modal connectivity in the downtown East Point area was established in the City of East Point Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) study. The Downtown East Point Multimodal Improvements project will seek to address the needs outlined in the LCI study that pertain to public rights-of-way in the project area.

To better enable safe multi-modal access within the downtown area while also maintaining traffic mobility along SR 14, a boulevard treatment is proposed to balance both needs within the Main Street/SR 14 NB corridor. Similarly, streetscaping and traffic calming are proposed along East Point Street/SR 14 SB for the same purpose. A multi-use trail connecting to the MARTA station, as well as enhanced pedestrian crossings between the MARTA station and the downtown area across Main Street/SR 14 NB, are proposed to better serve the safety and mobility needs of bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit patrons.

The limits of this project are West Cleveland Avenue to the north, Washington Avenue to the south, SR 14/Main Street to the east, and East Point Street to the west (with the exception of part of Dorsey Avenue west of SR 14/East Point Street). Only minimal right-of-way impacts are anticipated such as easements and potential right-of-way miters at the existing intersections. The project team will be in coordination with other projects in the area to ensure that the projects complement one another in terms of efficiency and function.

Department Public Works
Budget $4,918,476.70 (Construction)
Funding Source Federal (GDOT)
Spent $0
Estimated Start Date March 2023
Estimated Completion Date March 2024
Project Manager Cadell Hall and Chardonnay Fenton



2855 East Point Street 

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